Thursday, March 4News From The Great Outdoors

Article Submissions  was created to share hunting, fishing and other outdoor news with the community. Big and small product and service suppliers are treated exactly the same, allowing you to see all the products available without bias. We also enjoy posting great stories and experiences from EVERYBODY having fun in the outdoors.

The rules are simple. Give us a story (not a novel, though) and keep the spammy content to a minimum. Yes, you can mention products. You can show how they work. But keep the overt sales language and links confined to the last paragraph. Topics should be obvious, and if not, it probably belongs in the OUTDOORS category. Please include a picture. It should have the topic material centered in the photo with enough room around it to look good in various cropped forms. Any common Word or other text format will work. If it is your first article, perhaps email us before sending it.

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