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Why Do We Need a Pocket Knife For Camping in the Wild?

pocket knife for camping

A pocket size foldable knife will be the only answer to all the issues possibly as part of your backpacking experience. Knives come in all sizes and all shapes however in an outdoor venture a foldable, versatile pocket knife works miracles.

When going for an outdoor adventure, out of all your survival gear, your pocket knife is the only tool actually meant to do several camping duties at the same time. The accessories of your pocket tool depend on the nature of your campsite, the weather, the natural environment. The followings make this multipurpose tool necessary to bring for your wild camping activities to have a joyful experience.

Cutting and Chopping:

While thriving in the wild, a compact and tough blade does numerous jobs including cutting and chopping. You can make your path clear, you can cut huge branches, you can cut your fruits and vegetables, and you can cut your meat, wires, wood, and paper with the help of this simple tool. This is one of the biggest comforts served by a knife.

Defending yourself:

Camping without being armed can be the worst mistake of one’s life. Your pocket knife becomes a true weapon when you need to defend yourself and your family in case of any adverse situation.

You may have an attack against you and your family whether from a wild animal or bandits, in this case your pocket knife will be the only fighting companion of yours. So a pocket knife saves your life.

Skinning your prey:

You need a good pocket knife to peel off your small game’s skin. And definitely you need it badly to make proper pieces of your meat appropriate for cooking.


Hunting small animal would  be much easier and simpler by having a good pocket knife. A pocket knife with compact and tough blade enables you to hunt a small animal in an emergency.

Preparation of fire:

A pocket knife can be used as a striker to start a fire. You just need to make a spark through its shiny surface with the help of some flint, then move it to the pile of tinder to provide proper fire ignition.

Cord cutting:

In camping you need a proper blade to cut ropes and cords of any material whether of jute and paracord. And for this your handy knife will do a marvelous job. To adjust your camp or to build your shelter you also needs to have your pocket knife with you.

A multipurpose tool:

A small knife is an indispensable item to deal with the delicate tasks associated with camping. Like slicing of your cheese or using knife for eating. It is a tool that performs a multitude of jobs: cooking, cutting, handling first aid operations ,can opening or even for package opening. Also, a pocket knife can also be used in place of spoon or fork. Use of pocket knife, when it comes to eating, makes life easier.

A Lightweight tool:

Instead of carrying a heavy knife, a light weight pocket knife is the answer of most every hard or tough situation. It works as a spear, a hook or both. It is probably the most useful and simple thing to use. It is hugely portable and convenient as it needs a very little space to be fit in.

The amazing designs available in pocket sized knives enable you to use it in a matter of seconds. You just need to get it out of your pocket to perform any respective task.

Survival in the wild:

To bring a machete with you for your survival is nearly impossible as it can’t fit in your backpack. Whereas you need something that fits in your pocket. It is actually your pocket knife that is mandatory item when going for an outdoor expedition. It enables you to survive in the wild.

A first aid tool:

While a first-aid kit would be the best option for treating someone with a wound or grave injury, a pocket knife can be useful for many things in emergency situations. Treating your wounds, cutting off clothes to access a wound or removing objects from wound to avoid any infectious spread.

Simple and easy to use:

A good pocket knife is really simple to use whether for cutting or trimming. A multi tool pocket knife with the foldable blade will serve you the best. It is no doubt the most affordable tool completing all of your camping requirements.

So your pocket knife has infinite functions and can do countless jobs. This extremely versatile tool is small but functional. It turns into an ultimate improvised weapon when it is needed. It is a perfect addition in your backpack carrying less space and less weight. With the many advantages and benefits it can offer, it becomes necessary to have a pocket knife while camping in the wild.