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A Walk on the Wild Side: Hiking in Juneau, Alaska

Hiking in Alaska

Wildlife is rich in Juneau, Alaska where many incredible sights can be seen. One of these sights include the location where the most American Bald Eagles are found, in a small town known as Haines, Alaska (Princess Lodges). In this region it can get as cold as negative six degrees Fahrenheit and lower. This fact is also true for Juneau, Alaska. Warmest months to travel to Alaska include June, July, and August where the weather climbs to a cozy sixty-three degrees Fahrenheit and higher. This weather is complemented by lush green grasses and rich pink and violet flowers. In the background a bright white and refreshing blue mountain oversees the landscapes.

Hiking in Alaska is an incredible experience before hiking it is important however to be prepared. The first thing is to have the proper gear backed for hiking. Such gear would include layered clothing such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, thermal shirts, and warm and heavy jackets. These clothes would also be consistent with pants and socks. Thick hiking socks and anti-leak hiking boots can also be worn as well. In addition, the equipment must also be brought such as a backpack packed full of gear. Packed gear would include snack, a first aid kit, and extra snacks.

Once packed, it is important to let someone that will not be hiking know one’s location and at what time and place one will return once done with the hike. This will act as a safety measure so that if someone is not present at their expected location a search for them can be launched accordingly. To also help with this a hiking partner should be brought along so that there are two hikers working together. With two hikers safety can better be guaranteed. It is important to stay safe when hiking, and having a partner on a hike is one of many ways.

Places to hike include Nugget Falls, Mount Roberts, Mount Juneau and many more. Nugget Falls includes an amazing view of a massive water stream flowing out the side of a mountain. This fantastic view will have hikers at the edge of their seat and ready to explore the entire area. Mount Juneau as well is also a fantastic area to hike as the scenery is breathtaking. The colors are rich by the lovely blues and bright whites in the mountain scenery. Included in this scenery is also the pink and violet flowers scattered throughout the rich lush green grass. All of this together illustrate the beautiful scene of Mount Juneau.

With rich wildlife and countless journeys Juneau, Alaska is one of the most amazing hiking locations in the world. With various mountains and reserves such a Mount Juneau, Alaska will have hikers ready to explore what beautiful lands of Juneau has to offer, so make sure to be packed with snacks and medical kits and also be dresses in numerous layers to be prepared to hike in the incredible scenes that await In the luscious land of Juneau, Alaska.

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