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Old Town Predator 13 Angler Fishing Kayak: Is It Efficient?

Affordable Kayak

Although finding a fishing kayak isn’t a big deal and you can simply find your favorite vessel from the right marketplace. For many of us affording a fishing kayak is simple as we can afford it for $400 or $500. But, it would be only perfect for lake, creek and small water source and reasonably we would require more efficient and professional kayak if we want to fish on the coastal areas and bays. Basically the Old Town Predator 13 has been made to beat the rough water source and make your fishing more comfortable. The water would likely fail to beat this kayak when you expect the comfort and stability on the water. We have checked several reviews on the internet and we found this pro kayak perfect for fishing on the coastal areas.

Although the price is higher and we will have to expense double than an entry level kayak. But, its features and quality make it different and define why we need it on the rough water. Below we have tried to highlight the points that create the difference and make it perfect.



Probably you would notice a remarkable difference when it comes to differ the stability from an ordinary kayak. To handle the force of the rough water the kayak requires stability as if it doesn’t tilt down when the wave hits. Both the length and width are important to stay comfortable on the water. That’s why its 13 feet length and 33.5 inch width would make the difference and prove how stable it is on the water. The capacity also would be like a tandem kayak as it could secure up to 192 kg weight of the users. That’s why you would remain comfortable with the loaded catches and all of the fishing equipment.


Weight and Durability

Probably its 39 kg would be heavier compared to a lightweight kayak. The size and stability created this difference. So, to enjoy the stability you might have to accept the heaviness of it. Although the hull is durable and won’t crack because of the abuse. That’s why you probably won’t notice any damage when you use it in the shallow water. The high density polyethylene would save it from any damage. The UV protected polyethylene also saves the certain quality of the hull.


Element Seating System

The seating position also can make a difference. It features a highly comfortable seat that comes with different seating positions. The positions can be used for travelling, fishing and standing up. You can turn it up and down while you can change the backrest on any comfortable angle. Unlike the ordinary seat it won’t lose the thickness and comfort and that’s why you could keep pedaling and fishing a long time. Aside the seat it also includes foot brace system as if you can put the feet in a comfortable place.


Additional Rod Holders

It is cumbersome to set out the DIY rod holder. Literally, you need skills to set out DIY rod holders. That’s why you would discover a few preset rod holders to grab the fishing rods. These flush mount holders simply can secure the rods. Aside the rod holders you would get a fish finder holder to simply set out the fish finder.


ModPod Storage System

The ModPod storage system enhances the security of your tackle and gear with a great accessibility. During fishing you would have a simple access to your all gears and you wouldn’t easily lose them. The removable trays simply keep them perfect and neat and you could separately place them on multiple perfect places.