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Archery Moose Hunting

Archery Moose hunting is the Holy Grail for many hunters. As the largest of the deer family, the moose is an attractive draw for hunters. Its massive size (over one thousand pounds) and incredible horn spreads (up to seventy inches) make it the king of kills.

Moose are an especially good hunt for archers. Archery moose hunting is also ideal because moose are nearly blind, and easy to sneak up upon and reach with a fatal bow shot. It is highly possible for an archer to get within ten feet of the moose they are targeting.

The fall season is the best time for moose hunting. This is its mating season, and bulls will be susceptible to moose calls, making it easier prey. Bulls will also begin to move away from their homes to search for a mate, which will increase a hunter’s chance of spotting one. Despite this movement, moose can be difficult to locate, because they have a variety of habitats: from swamps, to lowlands, to marshes, to as well as more wooded areas. It is recommended that new moose hunters hire a guide, as an experienced moose caller can successfully call moose up to three or four miles away. Since the moose may already be traveling in search for a mate, this can be especially useful in locating them.

Generally there are two primary methods of archery moose hunting: still hunting and stand hunting. Both methods should be used in an area known to be populated by moose trails, droppings, and other signs of moose habitation. Still hunting is recommended for rainy days, as it will be harder for the moose to detect hunters. The hunter will circle slowly in a area looking for moose. This may be more effective in locating moose, and requires a less powerful call. In stand hunting, the moose hunter stays in a stand that is located on a known moose trail. This method requires a powerful moose call, as the hunter is relying on the moose coming to the stand. This also requires that the stand be placed in a wooded area to avoid detection. This can also pose problems for hunters as moose aren’t always located in wooded areas. This is why it is especially important to check for moose signs when setting up a stand.

Archery moose hunting is exhilarating and requires a lot of planning, preparation, and skill. However, with a little preparation and some skill, you can hunt the monster of all deer

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