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Hunt with a Veteran (Broadhead)

Veteran Broadhead

Veteran Innovative Products (VIP) is a provider of broadheads, custom arrows and wild boar feeders that was founded by Matthew Futtere. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy and following his recent return from Afghanistan, Futtere has refocused his efforts from a high-tech consulting company and such overseas military support efforts. He has vowed to live his life to the fullest by simply doing what he enjoys the most: spending time with his family, hunting and fishing which has motivated him to begin creating ground-breaking outdoor products for hunting. With his proven history of innovation and the vision, VIP is poised to make an immediate, lasting and positive impact within the hunting world. With the immediate success and acceptance of The Veteran Broadhead and The HogLog boar feeder, VIP is able to continue doing what we love while helping to bring jobs to Americans in the process.

Manufacturing of all the components and everything in between our products are all proudly: Veteran Owned, Veteran Designed and American Made.

The Veteran Broadhead eliminates the debate between a fixed blade or mechanical broadhead design. We have eliminated all problems associated with both of those two categories of design, yet have embraced all the benefits of both with a patented and lethal design. The Veteran sports a dual spring blade suspension system for minimizing deflection and enhancing straight line penetration through or past bone. The Veteran is the world’s first scalpel sharp compressible cutting width blade system!

The HogLog puts the biggest boars consistently within shooting range of rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, bow or crossbow. We engage the pigs natural tendencies to root and eat! Thus it’s the pigs that power the hog specific feeder! Keeping the hogs engaged and only focused on feeding for HOURS until you decide which one and when to take the shot! The DOMINANT pig of the group will always take control giving you the perfect, relaxed shot at a true monster boar! The most cost effective, simplest, most reliable, animal specific feeder on the market!

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