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Get Calf Holster

Get Calf Holster

In light of the 2017 hunting season, the luck of the harvest was tougher than years past. With many hours in the tree and on the field edges, opportunities for success were slim. On Michigan’s opening day of shotgun, season the moment presented itself in the matter of seconds with only seconds to react.

Sitting in the tall field edge weeds for hours listening to the distant shots sounding like drums for a good 3 hours, the thoughts of having a chance to connect on a memory was feeling thinner and thinner. As all hopes seemed diminished, I looked to the skies asking if my freezer was gonna remain venison-less this year. That’s when the next 10 seconds changed the whole season.

There she was! A mature smart whitetail doe around 60 yds to my left, just inside the the tall grass and looking right at me (she saw me before I saw her). With no time to spare, I quickly lifted my gun from my Get Calf Holster. Luckily, I always keep my scope set on 5 to get on target quick with a clean view. With cross-hairs on the kill zone – BOOM – !

Now we’re in the moment after the moment. She takes off and the thought process begins. My heart is racing as fast as the thoughts over taking me. Looking down, I felt so Thankful for putting that calf holster on to be “weapon-ready” for moments like that. Many times I’ve either not had enough time or have been busted reaching for or flipping my weapon of choice laying across my lap into position. Now one thing that will always be part of my gear is the Get Calf Holster.

As a hunter that hunts to feed his family, my question to the skies was answered immediately. In reality, not all hunters have the opportunities to choose what to harvest or have that opportunity in front of you hunt after hunt. Sometimes in order to enjoy the fruits of the hunt, things happen fast. So my question to you is – When you are on your adventure, are you “weapon-ready” at all times? You never know what will happen and how small of a window you may have to be successful.

A Huge Thank You goes out to Get Calf Holster from my entire family.

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